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More relative cuteness...

Lately, I've taken to getting up first thing in the morning (i have to go roust the little tiger out of bed and chase him into the the bathroom before he has an accident), then dressing Rah-Rah and taking him out with me to get coffee. This is so Mazi can sleep in longer.

We pulled up by Peet's this morning, and had to park around the corner next to the local comic shop. Recently they've put up a big red-neon Superman logo in their front window.

Rah: "A Superman shop! A Superman shop! Papa! Can we go into the Superman shop?!?"

Me: "Oh no, little guy. If we go in there, we'll get lost for hours."

Rah: "No we won't, Papa! Lookit, there's the door!"

Sometimes I feel like the straight man in a Rodney Dangerfield routine.... :P

Tags: comics, lost in space(s), my son

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